Do Tell

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Hey yall!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but between work and a test, I’ve been a little busy. I also did not workout Monday and Tuesday because Monday exhausted me and Tuesday was my rest day. Anyways, yesterday’s workout went well. It was triceps and chest day. Before that I ran twenty minutes of intervals. I definitely pushed it with my triceps because they are jello after words. They are not as sore as they were last time. However, my chest is sore the day after and I can feel it when I run.


As for today’s workout, it was fantastic! Today I ran intervals for twenty five minutes. They are getting a little easier and my body is becoming adjusted to short sprints instead of hours of running. However, I still run 5ks that keeps me somewhat limber for long distance. My biceps were jello after today’s workout and are sore. I’ll feel my back muscles tomorrow.


Tomorrow is going to be an intense workout because I’m doubling up on my workout. Since I missed Tuesday and I won’t have time Saturday to get it in, I’m going to do two workouts tomorrow. It’ll suck but I have a workout buddy now, so yay me! But seriously I’m happy I found one. I’m hoping I can help her out and that she’ll be the motivation for those days I don’t feel like doing it.

~Fitness Addict~


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