The Struggle

fitness, goals, lifting, training

Hey yall!

I did work out yesterday, but between a school project and work I had no time to blog. It was shoulders and abs day. I thought about using that as an excuse to not lift anything high for work, but I figured they would think I was lying. Anyways it was a great workout.


As for my run before my workout, it went fantastic. I just did a 5k run but it went well. I even managed to shave a few seconds off from my last one. On Thursday I ran intervals. I was planning on lifting that day but something came up. So it got pushed to Saturday but hey, I still lifted.


Today I finally went out and got fresh veggies and fruits. It has been hard trying to figure out all I can eat and cannot on a paleo diet. However, within the first week I felt way more energized. But on Saturday I felt drained and exhausted. I haven’t decided if it’s because my body is fighting something or the fact that I started a healthier way of eating and a new workout. It could be a combination of both. I’m hoping after the rest days I’ll feel better. But I’m still super excited about this next journey.

~Fitness Addict~


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