Going All The Way

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Hey yall!

So today was another successful day for working out. I increased my interval runs by 5 minutes (this was planned from the beginning) and still set the same high speed as my goal.


It is so strange to only run in short intervals instead of hours on end. However, tomorrow I’m going to do a 5k run because it’s leg day. I have no desire to do intervals with inclines on leg day. I’m not that crazy. On my run today, I went in and saw there was this white powder stuff all over the treadmill. At first I thought it was sometimes protein powder (I mean what else would be in a fitness center) they spilled. But towards the end of my run the maintenance guys came in and looked at things in there. My music was to loud to here what they were saying but I’m hoping it’s too shut the heat off.

My lifting program today was working the back and bicep muscles. My arms and chest are sore from yesterday still, but I pushed through. One of my workouts required the one machine that was broken in the gym. I found a replacement one that was probably a little more tough because it was free weights. All I’m saying is bodybuilding.com is an amazing website.


I also decided last night that I was done going half way on eating healthy. I told my fiance I was going all the way (at least until the wedding, we shall see how I feel after that) but I would of course fix him other things. He did say he would try going all the way with me, but I’m not going to make him do all my crazy ideas. I’m thankful he’s so supportive though.

~Fitness Addict~


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