Let’s Go

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Hey yall!

I know it’s been awhile, since I’ve posted. Sorry about that but school has kept me busy, busy, busy. Anyways I’ve started my new training program today! I was going to yesterday, but I guess my body wanted to sleep instead. I hear that happens when you decide you want to do morning workouts out of the blue.


Anyways, I’ve started back at it officially! I’m so excited to see where this new journey takes me. I’m still learning something new about being healthy everyday. I’ve met new friends who are super healthy and have become my new inspiration. They are willing to put up with all my crazy questions about everything, which is awesome.

As for my workout it was chest and triceps day. I’m sore already, so apparently I did something right. I’ve also incorporated interval running into my workout. It is much different than long distance running. The run shocked me a little in the beginning because I didn’t realize it would also have incline. Apparently, between everything I worked my lower abs because they are sore and it wasn’t abs day (my chest is already sore as well) .


Along those lines of things I haven’t posted… My fiance and I did a 5k on Sunday! I’m so proud of him. I’ve asked him so many times to do it with me. I always told him I would walk it with him, if he would just do it. He finally gave in and agreed!


In the beginning of the race he was like let’s jog. I went along with it but was a little worried he would have issues later on. He’s a former lineman and they really only have two speeds: sprint short distances and walk super slow the rest of the time. However, he finished the last little bit at a jog as well. Anyways, thought I’d brag on him a little.


~Fitness Addict~


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