It’s Getting Close

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Hey yall!

So I would like to say I did workout this week in between my runs. I took it easy on my legs seeing as I have a race in two days! Two crazy sticking days! I’m crazy nervous but excited. It’s weird I know. However, I did get some new workout stuff! I’m so excited to try them.


My goal is to start the things next week along with a new lifting plan. I haven’t really had one since I’ve been focused on training for my half marathon. I’m hoping between starting a new workout plan, supplements, and attempting to go paleo I’ll get to my goal. I’m super excited to move on and try something new in order to get healthier.

As you may know I originally started this blog because I was running a half marathon. It was too keep myself motivated, and I found some wonderful motivational fitness blogs. You guys are awesome! However, my blog has turned more into being healthy and happy with myself. If possible also helping others out. On that note, I’m keeping my blog going so yall can follow me with me fitness journey. I’ll never be done with getting healthy and being the best I can be.

On to today’s run! It went really well and I got about 4.85 miles in. I ran 45 minutes and an hour on Monday. I’m wondering if I should do a quick 15 tomorrow morning because it’s going to cold on Saturday. It’ll be a gorgeous 42 degrees.


It’s been hot recently, so my body isn’t used to running in cold weather. Any of you frequent runner/racers have any ideas or tips? It is my first race ever. I realize normal people do a 5k and move up from there, but I’m not normal so… Anyways hope yall have a great weekend! I’ll let yall know how it goes

~Fitness Addict~


3 thoughts on “It’s Getting Close

  1. Good luck training for your run! And congrats on transitioning your fitness journey to better suit your needs. I’ve thought about trying lean body products by Jamie but haven’t yet. You should do a mini review when you try it 🙂


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