Oh Monday

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Hey hey,

Today’s run went well. I got in 6.5 miles in one hour. I realize that for some it is not that fast but to me it is fast enough. I am aiming for 13.1 miles so that’s fast enough. For this run I added incline for my “hills” and it added some toughness, which was good as well. Even though my run went well, I had some issues in the beginning.


I am having a tough time getting in the mental state for running this far. It seems my mind is its worse enemy. I keep thinking about how I can’t do it and how I’ll never do it. It’s dumb and I need to stop, but it’s a challenge. I’ve never been considered an athlete and one day I decided to run. So needless to say the beginning of my run I was hard on myself. Thankfully my fiance is always so encouraging and keeps me going. The end of my run went well and I felt amazing. I’m happy it did because my half marathon is this weekend! Ahhh! It’s insane to think about that but it’s here. I feel like this last month has gone by so quickly.


She thought I needed a bath after my run apparently. The goofy dog.

~Fitness Addict~


4 thoughts on “Oh Monday

  1. I learned a trick: when your mind says your legs are ready to stop, analyze yourself. Start with your legs. Are my legs in real pain? No. Am I putting injury on my body? No. Is my breathing ok? Yes. Is it just mental? Keep going.

    It truly helps. It’s so simple but it helps me soo much when it came to breaking through my mental wall. Hope it helps.


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