I’m still here

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Hey yall,

I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted but I have been running and lifting. I just thought studying for tests was more important than blogging. My parents would agree a great deal that as well. Plus with work, it’s a challenge to find time. I mean I’m blogging this one at work. Anyways my runs have been going great and lifting well… I always feel awesome afterwords and we will leave it at that.


As for today’s run, it went pretty well. I managed to get 5 miles in between school and work. If I was really desperate I could get up early and run, but that’s not as much fun. I really have to work on my mental state because next week is my half marathon! Holy cow that’s coming up fast. It seems like I still have my old thoughts about myself when it comes to running. Basically I feel like I can’t do it because I’m not good enough, not fast enough, whatever I happen to come up with. I’m hoping to get over this since I do run next week. My mom is going to run the last 4 miles of it with me, which will be fun. One of these days I’m going to get over it and tell myself how awesome everyone sees me as. My fiance is so supportive and I abuse that. I shouldn’t but I do. He’s always telling me how I’m an amazing runner and I’m built like one. I’m not sure what he means by I’m built like one.

~Fitness Addict~


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