Oh No I Didn’t

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Hey yall,

Today I moved my long run up to Monday instead of Saturday. On Saturday I get the joy of working all day (no sarcasm in that at all). However, after that I get to hang out with my future parent in-laws in Branson. Today I actually didn’t have to work, and I didn’t have school. My long run was 2 hours long today and I managed to get 13.1 miles in! Can we just let that sink in? Seriously, I never thought something like that would happen.


In the beginning of the run I felt defeated already. It wasn’t going great and I couldn’t get into my running groove. I was about to give up but instead I stopped and talked motivation to myself. I realize that makes me sound crazy but it works. Eventually, I found my groove again and got busy running. Since on treadmills got can’t set the time for over 99 minutes, I split my time in half. My first half I ran 6.5 miles in the 60 minutes. I was feeling good, but tired. Eventually, I got over myself and decided to finish my last hour. It also helped my fiance sent me encouraging text messages. While into my second half of my run, I accidently hit the emergency stop button. It was so annoying but I kept going. Towards the end of my run I struggled but I managed to finish strong.


Happy face from me because I feel so happy. Ignore the crazy hair, because that’s the joy of curly thick hair. I’m so happy with how my run went and how I managed to overcome my mental state of not being able to do. I think I have finally accepted that I can mentally do this now. Hope yall have great weeks and a great Monday. 🙂

~Fitness Addict~


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