I’m running, I promise

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Hey yall!

I promise I’ve been running and working out. It’s just been crazy hectic in my life thanks to school, work, Half marathon training, and wedding planning. I’ve gotten to use my new shoes a few times and they have been great! Last week I ran well and got a weight lifting session in. I was going to lift one more day but my day became crazy because of wedding shopping.


Yesterday, I ran well and felt amazing. After I ran I went and lifted weight. It’s much easier to lift if you haven’t exhausted your body running 5 minutes before then. At the same time it is good to push your body, but I think I’m going to start running in the morning and lifting after classes.

On anther note, my fiance suggested we go paleo. This could be a struggle for me seeing as I’m Italian and love carbs. It would be interesting to see how the diet effects the body. It will be awhile before that happens because I have carbs galore I’m my pantry. We are going to try our best but limiting the amount of carbs but still we have to eat the food or it’ll go bad. Anyways I’ll be better the rest of the week about posting. I promise!

~Fitness Addict~


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