I’ve Got This… I Think

fitness, goals, training

Hey yall! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been a huge slacker and I’m crazy stressed. Between a wedding, school, work, and attempting to train for my first half marathon. The wedding would not be so bad if it wasn’t located 5 hours away and my fiance’s family lives 3 hours from me now. But I know I need to figure it all out quickly because I have one month until the half marathon. Holy cow… Only one month. That’s insane!


Anyways my run today was a rollar coaster. It started off decent and went well. I only stopped in the beginning because I was trying out new blue tooth headphones. I soon as I changed the  rubber ear pieces they fit much better. In the beginning I was just cruising along thinking everything is great, considering it’s been forever since I’ve run. Then the feeling of I need a bathroom or I am gonna die came up. As soon as ever happened it pretty much went downhill. I kept stopping because I had stopped once already. Yall know what I’m talking about? That’s why it sucks when you stop. So I was like great, so much for a decent run. Anyways after a mile of a self-pity party I got over myself.


The end of my run went fantastic. I managed to still run faster then I generally do. Not really sure how that happened but I’m pretty certain it’s because I stopped a whole lot less than I had been previously. My run was only 7 miles but in 65 minutes. I realize for a lot of people that’s not that day. I’m also starting to lift weights again, which is exciting. I’m hoping it helps me to become a better runner and get to my goal by the time of my wedding.


~Fitness Addict~


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