Water, water, and more water

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Hey yall! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted but it was a crazy vacation. Trying to get back home was tougher than we planned on. It was so much fun in Hawaii! I did things I never thought I would do and shocked some people.


But hey I jumped off a cliff. That was something that was way out there for me. It was awesome though and a complete blast. Manged to knock my contacts out of place so I came up kinda blind. Eventually they fixed themselves and I climbed up the edge. Anyways I did a crap ton more and sometime I’ll post about it.


My run today was so much fun. For one thing I got to run outside and it has been awhile since I’ve run. Plus the weather was perfect for running outside! Being on vacation was tough to get a run in but it was so worth going with my family. My run today was slightly challenging with the water crossing the trail. I decided to only walk over it, because it was moving water and it was slick. I’m a clutz as it is so… I ran for an hour at about a 9.40 pace. Considering it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve run, I say that was pretty good. Hopefully, now that I’m done traveling for weeks at a time I can get back into a consistent training routine. Getting back to a consistent routine will help me gain more endurance and hopefully speed.


The plus side of my whole run was this crazy puppy joined me for about 2 miles. Sweet Pea did so well considering she’s had some had some time off from running. But she was always ready to go every time I went by. Towards the end of her 2 miles she was dragging behind me. Still kinda keeping up, but she was having some issues. She’s always running around my apartment being a maniac. However, after that run she’ll be sleeping for awhile. That air mattress is my make-shift bed, since I’m a broke college kid and soon to be newlywed. Speaking of being a college kid, I also started grad school. That is super exciting!

~Fitness Addict~


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