Long Run, Long Day

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Today’s run was amazing! I ran faster and farther than I’ve ever gone before. Somehow I managed to go 11.7 miles while adding incline. I ran inside because it’s quicker than trying to get to the park. I had a very busy day. Although, I did realize I get extremely bored running inside I’m a treadmill. Like ridiculously bored. I think adding inclines randomly helped a lot with my boredom. During this run I added inclines and speed, which isn’t always good to add both at the same time. I did not go faster when at an incline though.


In the beginning of my run I got crazy distracted because one side of the base of my neck looked swollen compared to the other. Had a slight heart attack but my fiance looked at it and my stress knot was just bigger on that side. Afterwords I got going and kept at it pretty well. Generally only stopped to drink and pee. I mainly just chugged water the whole time. For whatever reason, my mile that felt the most hardcore was my 6th mile. I’m not sure if it was because I had just walked a little or because I just finished running at an incline. I’ve realized that after the 8th mile I tend to get tired and want to stop. I mean I can’t blame my body but that doesn’t help in training.


Thankfully I was starting to get a runners high so I pushed through the exhaustion. I kept telling myself that I had less to run than what I had just run. I finished strong and was super pumped.

After running all of that I drove for 5+ hours to go home. Considering it’s Monday, there was quite a few cars out. It was a little confusing since no holidays are happening. It’s always nice being home, even if it’s for one night. This is one of the few times that its OK I won’t be home long. I get to leave for vacation tomorrow. I’m so stoked and hoping I can get a few long runs in. I know it won’t be easy but even a few would be better than nothing.


Another joy of driving for 5+ hours home is that once here I get to mow. My house is a gorgeous place and I really just wanted to take pictures instead of mow. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy mowing just not how long it takes. Mowing for another 2 hours after the long day I had was nonsense. It did need done since we are leaving on vacation, but I was tired and hungry. I mean I was ready to eat anything and everything.


~Fitness Addict~


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