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Today my fiance was awesome enough to drive to to my place early, so we could walk/run outside. It has been so long since I’ve been able to go outside because of the humidity and heat. I ran over 6 miles today and enjoyed every sweaty moment.


Yesterday I ended up doing a pretty short run. I only went half an hour because I was having issues. I generally try to push past all pain iI feel because I consider it part of running. All the aches and pains are part of running long distance or even just running in general. However, this pain was consistent and I couldn’t just push it away. My fiance looked at my ankle and saw it was swollen and bruised. I’m still happy with my run because I ran well other than my ankle being annoying. I felt like I shouldn’t push my pain because I end up regretting it. The main reason I regret it is because I then can’t run for months, since I’ve hurt myself to bad. I also figured since I ran over 9 miles the day before it would be smarter to not push it, so I can keep training.

It was a great day to run outside because it was only 75 degrees with hardly any humidity. I ended up having a blast and ran with my pup! She didn’t run the whole time with me because she’s still learning, and I didn’t want to kill her. It was much nicer outside but still on the warmer side. She had a blast just being able to run around. Please excuse the awkward angle of the picture, but I was running at the same time.


She was so funny to watch as she ran around and sniffed everything. The first few times I ran past her I could tell she was upset. The last time I ran past her I could here her whining. I mean I had music blaring and was trying to concentrate, but I could still here that whine and high pitch bark. Needless to say she was happy when I took her to run. She enjoyed herself and pushed me like crazy. I was happy she pushed me to my limits. I’m hoping when it gets cooler she will be able to join me on some of my shorter runs. I did manage to get her tired which is hard.


I was super proud of my fiance because he’s gone he furthest walking as he ever has. Plus he patiently waited for me to finish as I ran past him many times. He pushed himself and keeps trying to be healthier.

~Fitness Addict~


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