This Heat Though

family, fitness, goals, training

Today was an extremely hot and humid day. I mean you step outside and you just start sweating. It was crazy. But I have been so desperate to run outside my fiance finally gave in and let me. Now, yall should probably know that my area is under a heat warning advisory. At this point it was still technically morning (11am) and I thought it would be a great idea to go run for an hour and forty minutes. Yeah… That didn’t really happen. I did manage to run in that heat/humidity for about half an hour. However, some crazy heavy amount of humidity and heat just hit me like a heavy blanket. My fiance and best friend, who is visiting from my home state, were like how are you running in this we are dying just sitting here. I decided that we should go back and I would just finish inside. However, I promised my best friend we would go swimming, especially since it was so hot. Granted, once we got to the pool we realized there were chairs and debris in it, so we didn’t go. No one had eaten lunch and it was almost 1pm, so I ended up not running. But another friend came over and we grilled and had a lot of fun. It was pretty entertaining listening to each others stories of different times in people’s lives. Later, when letting my dog out I saw that the maintenance guys came and cleaned up the pool.


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