Not My Day

fitness, goals, puppy, training

Today I was going to go run for an hour and a half, which seems crazy. It is needed to run that distance. I mean I’m training for a half marathon. However, we (my fiance, my puppy, and i) went to aI trail to go run but it was flooded over. Normally I would go and run through it, but the creek was gorging over so it wasn’t possible. After, we came back to my apartment and I tried finding a place to run. All the places were freakishly close. It becomes challenge to find a decent place because my fiance walks. I’m hoping as soon as his sciatic nerve gets better it won’t be so hard to find a decent place to run. There are many long trails but they don’t allow dogs. I’m training my puppy to run with me because she has so much energy. Plus she’ll make it entertaining.


It was really disappointing that I didn’t get to run what I planned on. I think part of my reason is because I know one you get out of the habit, it’s hard to get back in. Taking a week off for a missions trip has thrown me off my normal schedule. Plus in less than 2 weeks I leave to go on vacation, however it’ll have a workout area.


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