No More Breaks

fiance, fitness, goals

Hey yall! I’m back. I was on a missions trip this last week and it was a blast. Maybe on one of my days off I’ll blog about it. I ran a little bit while I was out, but not near enough.

Today was my first day running after a week off. It was challenging, but so worth it. Apparently that week off helped because I ran better than I had been. I mean I felt it and my legs definitely started to get weak. My run went well all things considered. It felt good to run again and just process everything. I’ve also stated using this protein shake to help curb carb controls. Carbs are hard for me to give up because I’m Italian and a lady. It’s a great shake because it gives me 17 grams of protein and only 100 calories. Plus it’s chocolates and you can’t go wrong there.


Tonight my fiance is taking me out on a date! It has been so long since we’ve gone on one. We were originally going to go see the Minions movie but it wasn’t on until 9pm. He does have a drive back home. He made up for it though and took me out to Red Lobster. He spoils me way to much. I’m so glad I ran over 5 miles today because those biscuits are delicious, however I did manage to limit myself to only 2 biscuits. I ate some amazing salmon, rice pilaf, and broccoli. Everything was amazing.


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