Early Morning

family, fitness, goals, training

Yesterday’s run started off crazy early in the morning. I had to work earlier than normal and was going out later with some new “cousins” of mine. Now yall have to realize I have not run early in the morning in ages. It has been years since I’ve done that. Overall my run went well all things considering. At first my body was a little stiff and sore, but after stretching when I got warmed up I loosened up a little. I am proud of how well I ran. I only stopped because I was having digestive issues (sorry, don’t know any other way to put that), otherwise I just started walking. My other highlight was I ran longer than I planned on, which was on purpose.


Now as for those new “cousins” I met yesterday. My fiance and I went to the Bass Pro restaurant in Branson and it was my first time meeting these people. They are a ton of fun and were so warm and welcoming. For the theme of my wedding they fit right in, which is awesome. I learned how to play Farkle thanks to them and almost beat my fiance. They are sarcastic and funny and I get to see them today. 🙂


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