Home Run

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Hey y’all! Hope you guys had a great 4th of July. We should always be honoring our vets and what they do for this country everyday.


Last week my blogs ended a little early because I ended up having to be done early in the week. My knee was pretty swollen and bruised. The pain had slowly gone up my leg and my fiance things my tendon was super tight and strained. Because I rely on him and his knowledge, I decided to not run and let it finish healing. However, I did have a 7 hour shift at work. Normally that would be nothing because I used to do 14 hour shifts that included a lot of manual labor. Since my knee was still kinda jacked up though, it was a slight problem. I did wear a compression sleeve on it to help keep it from getting worse. My work was super nice and let me go early, since I was going home for the 4th and it was a 5 hour drive.


When my fiance and I showed up, the fireworks got a little crazy. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but it was entertaining. We did end up eating a long the way but I still had pasta salad when I got there. I realize that probably wasn’t the greatest thing for me, but I really, really, really like pasta salad (I’m Italian, what can I say. Pasta calls my name). It was so much fun to see my family, even if it was for only an hour. The next day my church had a 4th of July picnic after service on our new land. It was a lot of fun and my fiance almost won an oreo pie (super healthy, I know) but got beat but girls. Probably good for him, so he can get humbled. After that fun/hot event we got to go see some more family that I don’t get to see often. My fiance had briefly met some of them before. It was good for him to meet them again and actually get to know them. My dad and I talked about a bike ride that day, but it was so hot and we were up late the night before. On Monday I got to see my riding instructor and her husband plus visit some of the horses. It was so nice to see them again and check up on the one horse that was sick. Today I go in for a final fit on my wedding dress! That’s super exciting and my mom told me to not lose anymore weight. I don’t think it’ll change anything if I do, but oh well. My rib cage is bigger than my mom’s, so I can’t really suck that in to fix the issue.

However, today I went on an easy run. My knee hurt barely, but not enough to make me stop. I’m so happy with my run today because I only had to stop once for the restroom and the other times were because my fiance almost needed me. At the end I did stop to drink some water, which is kinda important. My fiance folded laundry while I ran, since his back was bothering him. But it was nice to be home and get to run and feel good about it.



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