Aches and Pains

fitness, goals, training

Today my run got cut short. It was sad and disappointing, especially since it was supposed to be an easy run. I didn’t push my run and I honestly was trying to take it easy. It’s not always easy for me to go for an easy run because I’m always trying to beat my goal. Sometimes it’s a good thing and other times not so much. The main reason my run got cut short was because of pain in my knee. For this particular knee it was a little worrisome, only because it has a bruise that keeps growing. I kept trying to run through the pain. I had read somewhere that sometimes pain in the body is psychological, expecting when running. It makes sense, since runners are putting pounds of pressure on these joints. So I kept trying to run along, attempting to ignore the burning sensation. Eventually I gave up and had my fiance look at my knee. He looked at it concluded that it was swollen and that my ACL and MCL were the big issues. I guess they were the ones giving me pain. On top of all that my achilles on the other side of my body was giving me pain.

It was more disappointing in the fact I felt like I failed myself. I have a huge goal in front of me and I didn’t complete one of the smaller goals. I know it was good for me to stop if the pain wasnt leaving. I realize that by ignoring the pain and still feeling it something was wrong. I ended up just doing abs without running. It sucks feeling like a failure, but I know I’m not. I’ve decided that is because I don’t want to get out of the habit of running so I can be successful in this half marathon. Probably was best I quit running when I did, since I’m running my long run on Friday instead of Saturday.


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