The Long Run

fitness, goals, puppy, training

So today I managed to get my first long run in. I was completely terrified because I’ve never run that distance. It was something that I thought I would never do. The thought of running that far was intimidating. I mean running for an hour is over 6 miles and the most I’ve ever gone is 4. I thought I was crazy at that point. My fiance completely believed in me and cheered me on. It was awesome knowing that he believed in me and was willing to stay with me for the hour.

During the day my knee was giving me greif. It was having a dull pain. My fiance looked at it and thinks the ligament is strained. We ended up running inside because his pinched syatic nerve was acting up. I am so proud of him for pushing himself and going 20 minutes. In the middle of my run 2 elderly decided to come in. The lady was trying to use the bike but struggled. A lot. Apparently she just had knee surgery and the hospital bike was better. Her husband tried talking to me while I was running. All I could think was, hello I’m busy trying to not stop and focus on running.

Later that evening we went another walk with my puppy. She desperately needs to just run but she’s young and its been so hot that I just haven’t taken her. She can run quickly and would be great for running. However, I need to train her a little more to get her better at running with someone. Otherwise, she will just pull on the leash when something catches her attention. I decided on my rest days that I’ll go for an easy run with her to get her trained, so she’ll be ready for when I go for a real run.


Putting that checkmark there was an awesome feeling.


As you can see, this is why she has so much energy at night.


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